Oct 18, 2016

Back to your regular scheduled program

We are back to the norm with Cory and Tom bringing you all the show reviews and movie news!


Oct 14, 2016

Football week 6

Cory and Tom go it alone and pick their teams from this week!


Oct 10, 2016

Luke Cage and Season Premiers part 2

Second part of our season premier reviews! We start with a review of the Luke Cage series on Netflix and then go into Flash and Arrow! Then close it out with Gotham and agents of sheild!


Oct 3, 2016

the Cut off

In this episode Cory and Jason are joined by Jessica. We start talking about this weeks episodes and future tv rumors and just before 25 min we got cut off. I would like to apologize for this but we were unaware of it till today


Sep 30, 2016

Football week 4 2016

Cory and Jason talk week 3 wins and losses as well as our picks for week 4


Sep 26, 2016

2016 Season Premiers part 1

Cory, Jason and Tom talk Season Premiers. We talk Gotham, Agents of Shield and the Lethal Weapon and Exorcist shows. Part 2 of this will be in a few weeks after Flash and Arrow and then part 3 after Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow!


Sep 24, 2016

Football week 3 2016

Cory, Jason and Tom talk week 2 game and week 3 predictions


Sep 18, 2016

DC Entertainment news

Cory and Jason talk DC comic and entertainment news and rumors


Sep 16, 2016

Football week 2

This episode Cory and Jason talk week 1's game and make their picks for week 2


Sep 11, 2016

Fall TV special 2016

Cory, Jason and Tom talk fall tv! What we're waiting for, what we're excited for and what we're not sure about. We also talk Movies briefy


Sep 9, 2016

2016 Football special

Cory, Jason and Tom talk football, giving their pick and predictions for week 1 and the super bowl


Sep 4, 2016

BCC2016 Day 3 recap


Sep 4, 2016

BCC2016 Fanboys inc. crossover

Cory and Jason talk with the awesome guys from fanboys inc podcast for a crossover episode


Sep 4, 2016

Bcc2016 Day 2 recap

Cory and Jason recap day 2 of the con


Sep 4, 2016

Bcc2016 Kilo Ren cosplay interview

Cory, Tom and Jason (mainly Tom) interview an awesome cosplayer at the Baltimore comic con


Sep 3, 2016

Bcc2016 day 1 recap


Aug 30, 2016

Comic con here we come!

In this short episode Cory, Jason and Jessica talk about the upcoming Baltimore comic con and what they're expecting! They drop some info on a special prize and the raffles they'll have at their table (#a168)


Aug 22, 2016

Sports Galore

In this episode we talk baseball almost being done and preseason football being a week in. We close out with some casting news and movie rumors


Aug 14, 2016

Football’s Back

It this weeks episode we discuss the new arrow verse news. Who flash season 3 villain is. Supergirl Rumors, and of course Football


Aug 7, 2016

Suicide Squad Spoiler filled review

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS! Cory and Jason saw Suicide Squad and we have our spoiler filled, critic opposing review!


Jul 31, 2016

SDCC Trailer reviews

In this weeks episode we talk about the trailers that came out of SDCC! Wonder Woman, Justice League, Dr. Strange, Kong, Flash season 3, Arrow season 4 and much more! We also talk about the new Superman in season 2 of Supergirl. And finally we review the Killing Joke animated movie!


Jul 24, 2016

Getting back to normal

In this weeks episode we discuss the new mini NES coming out later this year! The new photos from Flash season 3 and other geek and sports news. All after a brief semi-political rant!


Jul 10, 2016

Social Disconnect

In this weeks episode we talk about tech we'd get rid of, problems with comics today and why Pokemon go is a bad idea!


Jul 3, 2016

Video game Nostalgia

In this weeks episode, Cory, Jason and Tom talk video games from their childhood!


Jun 26, 2016


In this weeks episode, Cory and Jason are joined by Jessica. We talk favorite tv shows and cartoons in the Throwbacks! We talk Suicide Squad sound track and Justice League set news in our Geek News! And Jason hypes the oriole and shits on the Yankees in sports.


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