Jan 14, 2018

New Year, Same Show

brand new episode recorded January 13th! We talk Netflix, sports, politics, and just have fun like always!


Jan 13, 2018

Late CW Crossover episode

This episode is way late! Recorded between the CW Crossover and Star Wars release. Sorry for the delay!


Nov 22, 2017

JusticeLeague review

Title says it all folks


Nov 13, 2017

Toms Missing

Cory and Jason review this weeks shows, Cory spazzes out, Jason tells us why Toms missing and Discuss their top 3 Things/places we wanna do/go!


Nov 7, 2017

Ragnarok is here

Cory and Tom

review Thor Ragnarok


Oct 16, 2017

Guardians of Tomorrow…or is it Legends of the Galaxy

The Shows are back!! Cory and Tom talk about the Arrowverse Premiers and list the 3 Toys or Mementos they used to have and wish they still did!


Oct 8, 2017

The setup

In today’s episode we set jason up to fail! We talk about out football pick and pick 3 characters each that we would like to see get their own shows or movies!


Oct 1, 2017

Winging it

Cory and guest host Kelly do their best to wing it in Jason’s and Toms absence!


Sep 27, 2017

Jason escapes the chair fort

The gang is back together, we talk Week 3 football picks and review the new Punisher trailer


Sep 18, 2017

Making fun of Jason’s chair fort…..

Cory, Tom and Guest Kelly talk football prediction and picks, Jason's Chair fort and why he sits 30 feet away from everyone.


Aug 27, 2017

Defenders and the crying fist

Cory, Jason and Tom talk DEFENDERS and go through their top 5 geek moment (past and future) for 2017.


Aug 13, 2017

Our Season 2 Episode 1

We're back after a few changes. This episode we talk about the trailers for the movies we're excited for. 


May 12, 2017

Guardians of the galaxy VOL 2 review

Cory, Jason and Tom are back and we're reviewing Guardians of the Galaxy VOL 2 as well as the last shows and Savitars identity


Mar 29, 2017

Just the 2 of us

Cory and jason go a little old school and rant about our favorite Cw DC shows


Mar 14, 2017

Logan spoiler filled review

We talk Logan and 2 weeks worth of shows


Mar 1, 2017

How ’bout this weather

Cory, Jason and Jessica go back to our roots and record out side to enjoy the unusually nice weather. They review the shows and give this weeks Charater of the Week, Mr. Mxyzptlk


Feb 22, 2017


This week Cory, Jason and Jess talk all the news, shows all while Jason briefly tries to impersonate Tom.


As promised here's the Voltron vs Power Rangers link


And the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 



Feb 14, 2017

Tom’s back!!

This week TOM's BACK and we talk the shows, movie news and this weeks character of the week...Black Canary


Feb 7, 2017

Origin of Green Arrow

This week, Cory Jason and Jessica talk shows, The Batman movie, Aquaman news as well as this weeks character of the week...The Riddler!


Jan 31, 2017

Trying to get our $#!+ together

On this weeks episode of Fanatical, Cory, Jason and Jess talk about the mid Season Premiers for Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of tomorrow. As well as a recap on Gotham and Agents of shield. The flash movie and tv show news as well as this weeks Character of the week, Savitar.


Jan 22, 2017

Back and better for 2017

WE'RE BACK! First episode of 2017! Were back with structure and a few surprises!


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Dec 21, 2016

EPISODE 100- ROGUE ONE spoiler filled review

Cory, Jason and Tom celebrate their 100th episode by reviewing ROGUE ONE! Spoilers start at 14 minutes!you've been warned! We are taking a week or so off to remodel and rework our show!


Dec 12, 2016

Flash and Arrow mid season finales

we talk mid season finales as Cory starts with a rant and Jason and Tom die laughing 


Dec 12, 2016

Football week 13

we go over last weeks games and predictions for this week


Dec 8, 2016

DC Crossover review

we give you our bullet point on our favorite and least favorite moments of this years crossover 


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